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We carry a large and varied stock of many different products - too many to show here.  Below we show a sample of the sorts of things you can find in the shop.  Please do come and see us:  you will be welcome to browse at your leisure and explore the variety of foods, crafts and gifts we offer.  And remember - all of these are fair trade products and every purchase helps support small businesses in the developing world.  Our range is constantly changing - it is the sort of shop where browsing is essential and regular visits necessary!

We carry a large stock of hand made wooden toys, part of the huge range of Lanka Kade  wooden toys and children’s products.  Designed in-house in the UK by Lanka Kade, these toys are handcrafted by skilled artisans in Sri Lanka. Come in and explore our range of  wooden toys such as Noah’s Ark, animal jigsaw puzzles, cars, skittle sets, height charts, mobiles, clocks, pirate ships and many more.

We stock a large and varied range of fair trade teas, loose leaf and tea bags, in a variety of everyday and special blends.  There are decaffeinated teas available and also herbal teas and specialist teas such as de-tox  brews.  Our fair trade coffee range includes both instant and ground coffees, caffeinated and decaffeinated blends in a variety of strengths and sizes.  

We carry probably the largest range of incense products in Ipswich.  The range includes incense sticks, sachets and cones in a variety of fragrances.  We also have incense holders, oil burners and stands and other aids to prayer and meditation.

We have a range of beautiful hand carved natural wood products from India, Palestine and indigenous artisans in South America.  Items include trinket boxes, wooden puzzles, letter racks, book stands, crosses, paper weights, organisers and even wine racks!

In the shop you will find a range of glassware in a variety of styles and colours - dishes, water sets, wine glasses and many more.    It may not be Waterford Crystal, but these glass items are all fair trade products - hand made  from recycled glass - and are cheaper than crystal too!

If chess is your game, then these travel sets of chess and draughts might be just the thing.  Handmade with carved wooden pieces, these will make fine gifts.  Checkout the miniature domino sets and 3D wooden puzzles too.

We have a range of baskets in all sorts of sizes - shopping baskets, washing baskets, storage baskets.  The set of three pictured are hand made in Bangladesh from hoogla fibre, a hard wearing natural fibre.

There's nothing like hot freshly baked bread - and the Tree of Life Bread Warmer helps you keep that freshness for longer.  The terracotta plate just needs to go in the oven for a few minutes and then it sits in the hand woven basket and keeps your bread warmer for longer. What a great idea!

A tempting selection of handmade luxury beauty products and essential oils is available in store.  Come and visit us and see the range for yourself - and don't forget all these products are fair trade so by pampering yourself, you are helping others less fortunate than you.

We have a range of small but interesting curios in the shop.  These model vehicles for instance - hand made in India from recycled metal, or these interesting “key” bowls.  Why not pop in to the shop and see these and other items we have?

We stock a wide range of foodstuffs - sugars, dried fruit, olive oil, cookies, chocolate, muesli, and much more. Come and see our range for yourself and it’s all fair trade.

We stock a range of hand woven fabric products including cushion covers, bed covers, table cloths, throws, mats and wall hangings.  Available in a multitude of bright, colourful designs, these artisan made products will brighten up any home.

And if bags is your thing, come and see our stock of fair trade bags.  We have shoppers, rucksacks, purses, phone and tablet cases and much more.  

Checkout our range of scarves, socks, hats, gloves and headbands too - fashionable, hard wearing and fair trade!

We have so much more to offer you - more than we can show here.  Wooden crafts, candle holders, lanterns, hand carved soap stone figures, oil burners, planters, bird feeders, house wares, jewellery - most people do not realise just how wide is the range of available fair trade goods.

Do come and see us - treat it not just as a shopping trip but also an educational experience.  Feel free to browse even if you don’t buy straight away - we are confident you will be back!

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You will find a wide range of hand made cards for all sorts of special occasions in stock.  Couple these with wrapping paper, gift tags, gift bags and boxes and you will have your presents all wrapped up!

We carry a wide range of fair trade chocolate in all sorts of sizes and delicious flavours.  Our normal range of chocolate bars is extensive and these are supplemented with specialist products at different times of the year, for example Christmas, Easter and Valentines Day.  Why not indulge yourself and at the same time glow in the satisfaction of knowing that your treat is helping others?

This delightful Mango wood 6 draw chest is ideal for storing spices or any other small items and is complemented by a range of matching dishes and storage jars.  Hand made in India, these subtly decorated crafts are hand painted and traditionally fired to produce a wonderful handmade appeal.  The supplier is a family run business which has good working conditions including pension and healthcare provision for the workers.

The cracked glass finish of these mosaic lanterns shimmers and sparkles in the candlelight.   

Available in a range of colours and shades, just pop in a t-light or candle and stand on a table top or hang, indoors or outside, for a stunning ambient atmosphere in your home or garden.  

Handmade in India, these fair trade products will provide attractive mood lighting to your al fresco dining.

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